Sunday, November 13, 2011

Temple Open

This past weekend the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club competed against around six hundred athletes from over thirty schools at the Temple Open tournament at Temple University. Each weapon category had around a hundred competitors. Congrats to the following fencers who placed exceedingly well:

Women's Sabre: Courtney Price 11th
Men's Sabre: Eric Lange 33rd
Men's Foil: Daniel Miller 39th, Cavanaugh Welch 42nd

Nathan, Haley, Dylan and many of the experienced fencers made the top 80% cut to proceed to the direct elimination round. Bean, Lauren, and Jennifer placed 4th, 5th, and 9th respectively in the consolation round.

The full tournament results can be found at the following links:
Women's Results:

Men's Results:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fencers, great job at the AFC tournament this week! In case you missed the event, it was a good experience, and lot of fun! As a team, we did very well. Congrats to the following fencers who placed in the top 3 of their respective tournaments:
Parth Deshmukh: 1st Place Open Foil, 2nd Place Open Saber
Eric Lange: 1st Place Open Saber, 3rd Place Open Epee
Daniel Miller: 1st place D & Under Foil
Courtney Price: 3rd Place Open Saber
Zhefan Ye: 3rd Place D & Under Foil

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catching up and the Cookout!

So... There's a slight chance that it's been a while, so.... TIME TO CATCH UP!

Dues have been paid, and that leaves us with 60ish dues paying members which is super fantastic. This is the largest number of fencers the club has ever had (or at least that anyone can remember), and Eric is pretty sure that this makes us the biggest fencing club in the southeast. I think that is pretty darn cool.

We've put in an order of stuff. Lots of stuff. We'll be getting new stuff and stuff to make the old stuff work like new, and that is definitely something to get excited about!

One of our sneaky methods of getting people to love fencing and stick around is to give them food, because who doesn't like free food! So about that cookout...

It was lots of fun! Delicious food thanks to GrillMasters Bryan and Lukas. DJ Arren provided some awesome tunes, folks were playing four square, Frisbee, and people may or may not have been playing with matches and we may or may not have tried to light Silly Putty on fire... >.> <.<

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Social Ideas!!

We are in the process of forming our committees, and emails will go out about those very very soon!
However, everyone gets to be a part of social in a small way, so if you have any ideas at any time ever, fill out this form here: Social ideas form!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Third Week of School!

We've just finished our second week of official fencing practice, and I hope everyone has been having a blast!

We are having movie night, TONIGHT! At 7 pm in the Ford ES&T Building! Call me for directions if you need them, I'll be sending out an e-mail about that shortly. Everyone should come we'll have a lot of fun, movies, games, pizza, and whatnot.


So the first few practice have gone really well, and I have some great pictures that I took, and will post soon, and we are very excited to have our new advisor Dr. Monica Halka! She joined us for fencing last practice, and she, as well as everyone else, seemed to be having fun.

Don't forget! Next practice isn't until next Thursday because the CRC folks don't believe in staying open. Meanie-heads. Anyways. Gonna send out another e-mail about MOVIE NIGHT TONIGHT! And about my super nifty survey which you should fill out! It'll help me plan out social events for the year and make sure they are whatever you think super awesome social events are!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey Everyone!

Our first practice is tomorrow! Tuesday, August 30th, from 8-10 pm on the 4th floor of the CRC (the farthest basketball courts)! Then everyone is going to fall in love with fencing/back in love with fencing, and we will see you again for our Thursday practice from 5-6 pm (the time was moved for this Thursday only because of something called football, I dunno what that's about. Crazy talk.) Future Thursdays will also be 8-10 pm, and finally Sunday practice is 4-6 pm! It's going to be super fun! The officers have some pretty neat stuff planned, including lots of games! From 'fencing is like sword-fighting, right?' to rated fencers, everyone is welcome and we have stuff planned for everyone! For the new folks, all you have to bring is a good attitude dressed in athletic clothing (including closed toe-d shoes), and we will take care of the rest! For the experienced folks, please bring your own gear if you have it, so you'll be set to go with the experienced group! See you all tomorrow at 8! =D


-PRACTICE TOMORROW 8-10 pm, 4th floor CRC
-PRACTICE THIS THURSDAY 5-6 pm, SAME PLACE (Next Thursday will be 8-10 pm)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Successful FASET!!!

If you are a freshman at Tech and you are reading this, WELCOME TO THE YELLOW JACKET FENCING CLUB WEBSITE!!! We are super excited that you have shown an interest in fencing, and cannot wait to see you at practices sometime after your first week here at Georgia Tech!

For those of you that are not freshman, welcome back to the YJFC website! Hope the summer is going well for everyone! As an update for those of you that could not be on campus this summer or missed out on all the fun: we just had our Summer Freshman FASET! After many creative slogans, we passed out our super cool flyers, had people check out our poster and slide show, and had 21 bright-eyed, bushy-tailed freshmen sign up for our fall mailing list! A big thanks to Bryan, Daniel, and Eric for superb slogan-making and recruitment skills!

But wait! It is not too late to join in on the Fall Freshman FASET Fun!

If you are an experienced fencer, would like to join our recruitment efforts, and have not filled out this form, you should! We could always have more awesome people wearing their YJFC shirts handing out flyers!

*P.S. the writer apologizes for the overly formal language of this blog post . Blogger is throwing a fit and can not deal with apostrophes or changes in font type/size. =\

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ta-dah! Practice Times!

After mucho corresponding, polling, debating, and cupcake eating. It was decided that summer fencing practices will be held from 5-7 pm Monday and Friday at the CRC!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up

Tournament Updates!
While you were running around trying to study for tests and finals, the fencers were fencing and then trying to study for tests and finals. The result was a gain in awesome medals/trophies and an absence of time for writing up the awesomeness that occurred(, but let's face it, you wouldn't have had time to read it all anyway because you were oh-so-studiously studying for those tests and finals, right?)

The South Atlantic Conference!
The SAC was held at James Madison University March 26th and 27th. We all piled into a van on the 25th and made our way to Virginia! Getting 14 people and 14 people's weekend travel stuff and 14 people's fencing stuff into one van was quite a feat.

Men's Epee fielded their first team! Men's Saber took 6th, and Men's Foil took 5th with Eric Lange placing 6th individually.

The Women's Foil team (consisting of two rookies at their first tournament) placed 11th (which wasn't last!), and the Women's Saber Team kicked. butt. They came in 1st place as a team, with Xenia placing 6th, Emily placing 2nd, and Courtney placing 1st individually!

A few weeks later the fencers traveled to the CFCS and those adventures are to be continued!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Plans!

It's summer!!!

And with summer comes awesome! Not only are you now done with those classes and gross finals, but now you have more time to check the fencing website for updates (which can happen because the updaters are done with their classes and finals as well!)

If you are an experienced fencer and are interested in attending summer fencing practices check out this form: Summer Interest Form

If you're a newbie either to Tech or to fencing or otherwise interested in joining us in the fall check out this form: Fall Interest Form

Things to be thinking about:

Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech:

Aka FASET is a really great way to recruit new fencers or fencers that are new to Georgia Tech. We're already planning on having a table there, now we just need people to stand around the table and look awesome so little freshman will gravitate toward you and be drawn into the world of fencing! I'm not sure when the FASET go-ers will be visiting the tables in the day, but as soon as I know you'll know! Until then though, you should mark these days on your calendar anyway, so you know when to be hanging out in Atlanta! If you already know you're going to be in town or on campus, then check out the FASET Signup Form!

Fall Freshman FASET Dates:
FASET-1: Sunday, July 10
FASET-2: Sunday, July 17
FASET-3: Thursday, July 21
FASET-4: Monday, August 8
FASET-5: Sunday, August 14
FASET-6: Wednesday, August 17

ummer Fencing:

After confusion and chaos and mass panic (just kidding, we had a back-up plan 'cause we're on top of things like that) it was revealed that the CRC's 4th floor would not be undergoing renovations! So now that we won't be kicked out of the CRC, everyone who is on campus should be able to go to practice!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Again!

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching (too quickly and not quickly enough!), the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club has begun planning its summer fencing festivities and held elections for new officers!

Your returning/new officers are as follows:

Team Captain: Courtney "Dues" Price
President: Jeff Lumish
Vice-President: Eric Lange
Treasurer: Daniel Miller
Secretaries: Kevin Lyn and Lauren Rhodes (Yes, the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club is so awesome it has to have two secretaries to record it all)

Stay tuned for future updates including plans for summer fencing, FASET, and fundraisers!