Tuesday, October 14, 2014


On October 3rd, twenty-two members of the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club traveled down to Gainesville, Florida for the inaugural Southern Intercollegiate Fencing Association (SIFA) tournament. Teams for men and women’s saber, men and women’s epee, and women’s foil competed in the tournament, which was held at the University of Florida. Saturday started off with a clinic in the morning, followed by the men’s events on Saturday afternoon. Women’s events were held on Sunday morning. All of the Yellow Jacket teams placed highly and both the men and women’s saber teams won all of their matchups. Tech fencers made new friends from UGA, UF, ECU, UM, Clemson, and UT. We can’t wait for Spring SIFA!

Max, Dalton, and Alan as Georgia Tech's male foil squad.

Brittni (right), sabre, finishing an attack

Leslie, epee, lunging at her opponent

Fencing Field Day

Back in September, we had a fencing field day. Several fencers gathered together outside of the CRC on Saturday morning and then headed over to Tech Green to participate in the games.

The day started out with lunch on Tech Green followed by games like kickball and cornhole.  Then after everyone had some time to hang out, the competition began! Fencers were split into five teams to compete in the days’ activities.

“Team Number 1”
Jack, Cory, Alex, Maeve and Eric

“The Wombats”
Anthony, Leslie, Nora, Fiona, Vlad
The teams sprinted, spun, and jumped up and down Tech Green as they competed in different relays races.  Some of the relay races were used as practice for some of the Homecoming Events that will be happening soon.

Dizzy Bat Race
Wheelbarrow Race
Then it was on to Tug of War. The teams started out competing against each other, but soon there was some need for weapon rivalry.

Sabre and Foil (left) vs. Épée (right)

After all the games were over, some of the fencers headed over to Yogli Mogli for some frozen yogurt and Just Dance to wrap up the day.