Monday, November 24, 2014

Szathmary Open 2014 Results

Congratulations to the following:
  • Alumnus Parth Deshmukh for placing 3rd in Mixed Epee and renewing his B2014 in epee
  • Arthur Lim for placing 7th in Mixed Epee and earning his C2014 in Epee
  • Alumnus Parth Deshmukh for 1st place in Mixed Foil
  • Arthur Lim for placing 3rd in Mixed Foil
  • Daniel Bodamer for placing 6th in Mixed Foil and earning his C2014 in foil
  • Maxwell Curtis for placing 11th in Mixed Foil and earning his E2014 in foil
  • Alumnus Parth Deshmukh for placing 2nd in Mixed Sabre
  • Kevin Zhu for placing 3rd in Mixed Sabre
  • Anthony Betts for placing 5th in Mixed Sabre

For all results from the Szathmary Open, click on the link to AskFred.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homecoming 2014

For the first time ever, the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club participated in Homecoming Week. We placed 7th out of 20 teams in the clubs and organizations division. Not a bad start for our first year!

YJFC club members competed in Iron Buzz, Trivia Night, the Scavenger Hunt, and the Mini 500. Although we discovered that trivia is not a fencer’s forte, our team placed first overall in the club division of Iron Buzz with Jack Mueller on bike, Alex Nikoukary running, and Matt Bernstein swimming. We also put in an impressive showing in the Mini 500, placing third in the co-ed division. The team was made up of Dalton Mulkey, Jack Mueller, Kevin Zhu, and Anthony Betts as racers and Fiona Wong, Keith Johnson, and Matt Bernstein making up the pit crew.

YJFC's In-House Tournament!

On Sunday, October 26th, we had the first In-House Tournament of the year. We had a large turnout with 10-15 participants per weapons!

Thank you to Tim Kierkzowski and Keith Johnson for hosting and running the tournament! Also thanks to Matt Bernstein, Arthur Lim, Kevin Lyn, Parth Deskhmukh, Leslie McConnell, and Jess Shimko for refereeing for the tournament.

Congratulations to the Top 4 Foilists!
From left to right: Daniel Bodamer (1st), Susanna Dong (3rd), Valerie Avva (2nd)
Absent: Max Curtis (3rd)
Keith Johnson (furthest left) was this tournament's 1-man bout committee!

Congratulation to the Top 4 Epeeists
[ Picture not acquired. :( ]
1st: Arthur Lim
2nd: James McAveavey
3rd: Jack Mueller
3rd: Matthew Lemons

Congratulation to the Top 4 Saberists!
James Kelly (left, 2nd), Kevin Zhu (right, 1st)
Absent: Daniel Bodamer (3rd), Alex Nikoukary (3rd)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Tiger Open 2014

All fencers from the club - from the newbies who've fenced for only 2 months, up to the seasoned veterans of the sport - woke up early to get to Clemson, SC for our first USFA tournament of the year. See below for placements and photos of the tournament!


Tiger Open placements
  • Keith Johnson for earning his E14 in both epee events
  • Arthur Lim for renewing his B14 in Open Foil
  • Matt Bernstein for earning his E14 in Div3 Foil
  • Daniel Bodamer and Keith Johnson: Top 16 in Open Epee
  • Cory Walker and Keith Johnson: Top 8 in Div3 Epee
  • James McAreavey and Jack Mueller: Top 16 in Div3 Epee
  • Alumnus Parth Deshmukh: 2nd place in Open Foil
  • Arthur Lim: 3rd place in Open Foil
  • Matt Bernstein: Top 8 in Div3 Foil
  • Sukwon Shin: Top 16 in Div3 Foil
  • Kevin Lyn: Top 16 in both sabre events
Click here to see all results from the Tiger Open.


Photos from Tiger Open

The YJFC epeeists chilling out on an early Saturday morning.

Leslie McConnell (left) fencing against UT's Katie Keirstead (right)

Cool YJFC track jackets.

The YJFC foilists chilling out on an early Sunday morning.

Parth Deshmukh (left) fencing against Lawrence Tan (right) in the Round of 8

Matt Bernstein (right)

Parth Deshmukh (second from left) and Arthur Lim (second from right) at the awards ceremony

Photos courtesy of our awesome collegiate fencing buddies, the University of Tennessee.

Murder Among the Mateys

On October 25th, the Yellow Jacket Fencing Team had it’s 4th Annual Murder Mystery Party. This year’s theme (which matched GT’s homecoming theme) was Pirates!

Fencers got to act as pirates, wenches, and merchants enjoying a party at the The Salty Sea Dog. During the party, however, things took a turn for the worse and Merciless Morgan was found dead! It was then up to the characters to figure out who had killed him and why. Players completed their own personal objectives while also talking to and bargaining with others for clues.

Overall, the fencers had a great time solving the mystery. Thanks to Social Committee for organizing this awesome event!