Friday, February 22, 2013

Geoff Elder, UGA, and Tiger Opens! Oh my!

Geoff Elder

January 19th - 20th The Yellow Jacket Fencing Club went down to Georgia Southern to compete in the Geoff Elder Open!

Congrats to
Parth Deshmukh for placing 1st in Mixed Foil!
Adam West for placing 1st in Mixed Saber!
Brittni Walters for placing 3rd in Mixed Saber! (P.S. It's only her second semester fencing, so it's super cool!)

UGA Open

January 26th - 27th YJFC traveled to Athens, Georgia to compete in the University of Georgia Open!

Congrats to
Daniel Bodamer for placing 1st in Div. 2 Epee, renewing his C!
Parth Deshmukh for placing 2nd in Div. 1 Epee, renewing his B!
                         and for placing 1st in Div. 1 Foil, renewing his B!
Kevin Lyn for placing 7th in Div 2. Saber, earning his E!
Chris Denecke for placing 5th in Div. 1 Saber, renewing his C!

Tiger Open

February 2nd-3rd the YJFC traveled to Clemson, South Carolina to compete in the Tiger Open!

Congrats to
Daniel Miller for placing 2nd in Div. 2 Foil, earning his D!
Parth Deshmukh for placing 3rd in Div. 1 Foil!

Green Gator

February 9th-20th some members of the YJFC traveled to the University of Florida to compete in the 47th Annual Green Gator!

Congrats to
Thurston Sandburg for placing 7th in Div. 2 Saber, earning his E!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clinic with Jeff Bukantz

Congrats to everyone who attended and hosted January 11th Ref Clinic!

The UGA Fencing Club and the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club teamed up to host a Ref Clinic with Jeff Bukantz at the Ramsey Activity Center in Athens. After a weekend of training with Mr. Bukantz, a former Olympic fencer and referee, the number of rated referees in Georgia more than doubled!