Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tiger Open Updates

Congratulations to the following:
  • Cory Walker for placing 3rd in D&Under Epee and earning a D rating in epee 
  • Jeff Seiden for placing 8th in D&Under Epee and earning an E rating in epee 
  • Alumnus Parth Deshmukh for placing 5th in Open Foil 
  • Alumnus Jeff Lumish for placing 6th in Open Sabre and renewing his D rating in sabre, and placing 5th in D&Under Sabre
Get more info on the tournament results at AskFred:

That's it for YJFC's tournaments for this semester!  For a list of major tournaments the YJFC goes to, check it out on our website:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Open Updates

Congratulations to the following:
  • Anthony Betts and Tim Kierzkowski earned their D rating in Senior Epee
  • Parth Deshmukh placed 2nd in Senior Foil
  • Matt Bernstein placed 3rd in C&Under Foil
  • Jeff Lumish placed 1st in Senior Sabre
  • Austin Hirsch placed 2nd in Senior Sabre
  • Brandon Huggins placed 3rd in Senior Sabre
Get more info on the tournament results at AskFred:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday Team Photo

Team photo 2011 - or at least what Picasa claims it to be.

Team photo 2013 - look at how much we've grown!  Are you in the team photo?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

3rd Annual Murder Mystery Party

Wow oh wow, it's that time of the year - the 3rd Annual Murder Mystery Party in the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club!  This year's theme coincides with Georgia Tech's homecoming theme Greek - Romans in "Terror in a Toga"!

Fencers acted as Romans enjoying the festivities as the gladiator games are about to commence - when suddenly grand champion gladiator Titus was found dead!  These characters had to figure out who killed whom while interacting to other characters and completing their objectives.  At the same time, many scandalous secrets were discovered...

In the end, the fencers had a great time solving the mystery.  Big thanks to social committee for making all this happen!  Will you be in next year's murder mystery party?

As you can see at the left-hand side, everyone wanted the baby.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fencing Weekends!

Whew, these two weeks have been certainly fun and stressful!  On September 23rd, our newbie fencers arrived in UGA for the Georgia Meet 'n Greet to fence in a team-style tournament.  It's not so much the winning that counts, but the learning experience each fencer got.

On the weekend of September 28-29, six squads traveled all the way to the University of Florida for the annual Fall South Atlantic Conference, or Fall SAC for short.  It pretty much had the feel of the Georgia Meet 'n Greet except for more fencers from more schools, more opportunities to eat together, and closer bonding by being stuck together in cars/vans together for a 5-hour drive.

In short, everyone had a blast fencing and hanging out with teammates!

Next line of tournaments for this semester will be Halloween Open in GSU and Tiger Open in Clemson - both of which are USFA individual tournaments!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Practice

Our first practice (Tuesday, August 20th) had a total of about 110 prospective members!  The members learned the very basics of fencing, got to meet some of our current members, and watched actual electric fencing bouts.

Free beginner lessons continue for three weeks.  If you've missed the first few practices, don't fret!  Come at any time and we'll get you to speed in fencing.

See you next practice!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Operation FASET Fencing Recruiting: Done!

A total of 189 freshmen have signed up for our newsletter in a span of 6 FASETs!  Thank you to all volunteers for handing out flyers and talking to the freshmen.  Super big thanks to all the freshmen considering joining us in the best sport in the world!

For all you fencing newbies: first practice is on Tuesday, August 20th.  See you there!

Monday, August 5, 2013

YJFC Circuit Awards 2012-2013

Congratulations to:
  • Thurston Sandberg for 3rd place in Div II Epee & Div I Sabre
  • Jeff Seiden for 2nd place in Unrated Epee
  • Daniel Miller for 3rd place in Div I Foil
  • Matt Bernstein for 1st place in Unrated Foil
  • Adam “Batman” West for 1st place in Unrated Sabre

Sunday, July 21, 2013

YJFC FASET Recruiting!

So many acronyms, so little time to spread the word about fencing to (unsuspecting) freshmen!  So far 82 freshmen have signed up on our mailing list!  (It would've been even more than that had it not been for dark ominous clouds and lightning this afternoon.  Oh, Georgia weather...)

First practice will be held on Tuesday, August 20th.  Make sure you sign up on the YJFC mailing list by August to start getting updates about the club!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

YJFC 2012-2013 At a Glance

Wow, a whole two semesters have gone by for the YJFC, and the club has been bigger and better since its inception in 2009!  What has the club done in these two semesters?
  • New and old members gathered on the first week of Fall 2012 ready to fence!  Some freshmen came with prior experience, but most came because they wanted to try something cool!
  • This was the first year to implement the "Vets and Wrecks" system - freshmen "Wrecks" choose a seasoned YJFC member "Vet" as a mentor of fencing and college life.

Fencing at the 4th Annual Yellow Jacket Open
The Yellow Jacket Open was a successful tournament run by members of YJFC!  Ratings and medals were earned by some members in our team, and we all enjoyed being able to culminate our efforts into one of Georgia's largest tournaments.

From Georgia to Virginia!
A drive-up to Spring SAC - collegiate fencing teams from all over the East Coast gather and fence in teams of 3!  This 10-hour drive was well worth the YJFC's effort to fence their best, support for each other, and acquaintanceship with other fencers from other schools.  The YJFC members also enjoyed fun activities such as playing mini-golf and eating Dairy Queen Blizzards!

Vet meets Wreck meets food
Of course, fencers love to eat!  Whether it be eating out at local Atlanta restaurants, or cooking homemade goods and gathering them at a potluck, no one can argue with food.

Of course, this is only a small glance of many practices, many tournaments, and many socials.

In a month, incoming freshmen will be getting a taste of Tech via FASET, and the YJFC will be there to nudge them to get interested in fencing.  If you're reading this and are already excited, subscribe to the mailing list for YJFC updates!

See you at the first week of Fall 2013!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Geoff Elder, UGA, and Tiger Opens! Oh my!

Geoff Elder

January 19th - 20th The Yellow Jacket Fencing Club went down to Georgia Southern to compete in the Geoff Elder Open!

Congrats to
Parth Deshmukh for placing 1st in Mixed Foil!
Adam West for placing 1st in Mixed Saber!
Brittni Walters for placing 3rd in Mixed Saber! (P.S. It's only her second semester fencing, so it's super cool!)

UGA Open

January 26th - 27th YJFC traveled to Athens, Georgia to compete in the University of Georgia Open!

Congrats to
Daniel Bodamer for placing 1st in Div. 2 Epee, renewing his C!
Parth Deshmukh for placing 2nd in Div. 1 Epee, renewing his B!
                         and for placing 1st in Div. 1 Foil, renewing his B!
Kevin Lyn for placing 7th in Div 2. Saber, earning his E!
Chris Denecke for placing 5th in Div. 1 Saber, renewing his C!

Tiger Open

February 2nd-3rd the YJFC traveled to Clemson, South Carolina to compete in the Tiger Open!

Congrats to
Daniel Miller for placing 2nd in Div. 2 Foil, earning his D!
Parth Deshmukh for placing 3rd in Div. 1 Foil!

Green Gator

February 9th-20th some members of the YJFC traveled to the University of Florida to compete in the 47th Annual Green Gator!

Congrats to
Thurston Sandburg for placing 7th in Div. 2 Saber, earning his E!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clinic with Jeff Bukantz

Congrats to everyone who attended and hosted January 11th Ref Clinic!

The UGA Fencing Club and the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club teamed up to host a Ref Clinic with Jeff Bukantz at the Ramsey Activity Center in Athens. After a weekend of training with Mr. Bukantz, a former Olympic fencer and referee, the number of rated referees in Georgia more than doubled!