Sunday, June 9, 2013

YJFC 2012-2013 At a Glance

Wow, a whole two semesters have gone by for the YJFC, and the club has been bigger and better since its inception in 2009!  What has the club done in these two semesters?
  • New and old members gathered on the first week of Fall 2012 ready to fence!  Some freshmen came with prior experience, but most came because they wanted to try something cool!
  • This was the first year to implement the "Vets and Wrecks" system - freshmen "Wrecks" choose a seasoned YJFC member "Vet" as a mentor of fencing and college life.

Fencing at the 4th Annual Yellow Jacket Open
The Yellow Jacket Open was a successful tournament run by members of YJFC!  Ratings and medals were earned by some members in our team, and we all enjoyed being able to culminate our efforts into one of Georgia's largest tournaments.

From Georgia to Virginia!
A drive-up to Spring SAC - collegiate fencing teams from all over the East Coast gather and fence in teams of 3!  This 10-hour drive was well worth the YJFC's effort to fence their best, support for each other, and acquaintanceship with other fencers from other schools.  The YJFC members also enjoyed fun activities such as playing mini-golf and eating Dairy Queen Blizzards!

Vet meets Wreck meets food
Of course, fencers love to eat!  Whether it be eating out at local Atlanta restaurants, or cooking homemade goods and gathering them at a potluck, no one can argue with food.

Of course, this is only a small glance of many practices, many tournaments, and many socials.

In a month, incoming freshmen will be getting a taste of Tech via FASET, and the YJFC will be there to nudge them to get interested in fencing.  If you're reading this and are already excited, subscribe to the mailing list for YJFC updates!

See you at the first week of Fall 2013!