Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fencing Weekends!

Whew, these two weeks have been certainly fun and stressful!  On September 23rd, our newbie fencers arrived in UGA for the Georgia Meet 'n Greet to fence in a team-style tournament.  It's not so much the winning that counts, but the learning experience each fencer got.

On the weekend of September 28-29, six squads traveled all the way to the University of Florida for the annual Fall South Atlantic Conference, or Fall SAC for short.  It pretty much had the feel of the Georgia Meet 'n Greet except for more fencers from more schools, more opportunities to eat together, and closer bonding by being stuck together in cars/vans together for a 5-hour drive.

In short, everyone had a blast fencing and hanging out with teammates!

Next line of tournaments for this semester will be Halloween Open in GSU and Tiger Open in Clemson - both of which are USFA individual tournaments!