Saturday, September 20, 2014

Georgia Meet & Greet

On an early Sunday morning of September 14th, 19 fencers drove up to UGA for the annual Georgia Meet & Greet. This year's Meet & Greet included UGA, Clemson, and KSU - with 4 foil, 7 epee, and 7 saber squads competing in total.

Tech A vs. Tech B, with referee Matt Bernstein.

Saberist MC Adams (right).
Most fencers who competed had only spent a few weeks learning to hold a blade, while the more experienced fencers coached or refereed. Fencers learned how to act appropriately in a fencing tournament, as well as get to know the other schools' fencers. After the tournament stretched to the mid-afternoon, the fencers packed up and headed over to stuff themselves in a buffet.

Georgia Meet & Greet 2014's Georgia Tech fencers!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fencing Statistics

Kevin Lyn, President

The Yellow Jacket Fencing Club is proud to present its Fall 2014 numbers and statistics. Once again, the club experienced exceptional growth, increasing the number of dues paying members to 97. Of those members, 37.1% are female, which is higher than the institute’s ratio of 33% female.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

YJFC Cookout

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus, but we YJFC members were getting too busy having fun with new members. Officers and other veteran fencers got together to coordinate over 50 prospective fencers and teach them the ways of fencing - from footwork to bladework to the three weapons. As of today, we have over 70 dues-paying members in our club!

Last Saturday, the club hosted our annual cookout, where fencers got to mingle together on top of the Curran Parking Deck for Four Square, basketball, volleyball, burgers, hotdogs, and chatter.

Fencers gather around for food and fun!
New fencers also got to be paired up with veteran fencers for the Vets and Wrecks program. This program was designed for new members to get to know more about the club and GT life through a seasoned member, as well as meet a new friend! Some Vets received their first Wreck ever, while others have built up a Wreck family.

President Kevin Lyn (right) with his Wreck Matt O'Brien.

Social committee chair Jess Shimko (second from right) with her Wreck family!

Although the forecast predicted rain, no rain came to ruin the fun!